Lyle DeSoto

Oracle of the Heavens Realm


Race: Human
Class: Oracle
Deity: Desna
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 26
Height: 4’11"
Weight: 125
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Base Speed: 30
Fly: 30
Swim: 15
Climb; 15


Lyle DeSoto is a human oracle who was raised as an orphan. He never really had a home or friends due to a curse placed on him. This curse involves malevolent spirits following him wherever he goes, causing minor mishaps and strange occurrences (such as unexpected breezes, small objects moving on their own, and faint noises.

Lyle wants to understand why he is different and why he has urges to do “not normal” things.

He wears a necklace of ears that he talks to regularly. Whenever asked where the ears come from, he gives vague answer. Don’t be mistaken, he never gives straight answers.

GM Comment: It’s hard being “touched” by a God. The only thing worse is how much Lyle touches himself. We all know how he discovered Cure Moderate Wounds.

Lyle DeSoto

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