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The 7 continents of Ichika are each ruled by an unique dragon.

Huc-Dwarven continent ((Kingdom of Uda))
Nénmacil-Elven Continent ((Kingdom of Aelian))
Berilac-North Western Continent (mostly hobbits)
Ashkor-Large island continent
Flaga-Swamp continent
Ursh-Mountain Continent
Hwedo/Hwido-Depending on if you’re human or orc (continent with large desert) ((Koughat and Brownstone Kingdom))

The Dwarves and the Gnomes share the same continent and have been fighting for ages. The Dwarves have been known to enslave the Gnomes.

The pronunciation of Hwedo/Hwido is a source of great conflict between the Humans and the Orcs. Wars have been fought for centuries concerning the true name of the Dragon who rules the continent. Orcish and human inquisitors will kill with out mercy should the incorrect name be uttered. The Orc’s have won the most land in the battle and taken many human slaves (they humans in turn take orcish slaves, which are considered a prize because it is unusually hard to break an orc’s spirit enough to tame them).

A large no man’s land area exists in the middle of the desert. Only people with out homes, thieves, cut throats, black market sellers, bandits, and adventurers walk this land.

Our hero’s have found employment as the Blue Team of the Adventuring Guild located in the city of Lawless. Nestled near a lake and located in the middle of a mountain pass Lawless is the perfect collecting place for all kinds of activity. The Red Team is a group of advanced adventurers who compete with the Blue Team, even though the Blue Team doesn’t care about competition. The Adventuring Guild is run by Silverleaf, an elf of reputation and very little kindness.

Recently there has been an influx of Elves and Half Elves fleeing their home lands to avoid the Drow Invasion. Not much is known about this in Lawless, but much speculation is held as to why.

Main Page

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